Coaching is a Partnership

Coaching is a partnership I take seriously and respect. We will both be investing time and energy to make your dreams a reality. Before you sign up, I want you to know the commitment we will make.

As a coach, I will:

  • Build trust with you and create a safe space to learn.
  • I see you as an expert in your life and capable of success.
  • I will partner with you to envision an inspired future.
  • I will be the guardian of your dreams.
  • I encourage self-discovery and self-awareness so you can identify the best solutions for yourself.
  • I will challenge blind spots to reveal fresh perspectives and new possibilities.
  • I will share the raw, naked and honest truth- with heart.
  • I will help you access the wisdom of you mind, body and heart.
  • I will hold you responsible and accountable.
  • I will hold myself responsible and accountable.
  • I will show up on time and prepared.
  • I will have fun and bring joy to the coaching process.
  • I will keep my commitments.

As a client:

  • You will invest the time, energy and money to make your dreams a reality.
  • You will envision an inspired future to create meaningful coaching goals.
  • You will foster self-awareness through personal reflection by looking at tough questions and hard truths.
  • You will take courageous action by challenging existing stories, beliefs and behaviors.
  • You will share the raw, naked, honest and sometimes messy truth. Here’s a truth, our inner truth is a story we make up and that story isn’t always true. Another truth, it’s easier to change stories when you same them out loud. There is power in voicing a story. Often by just giving it voice, to someone you trust, you’ll realize the story isn’t true and it creates space for something new.
  • You will have compassion for yourself. Remember if this was easy you would have done it already. What was the last new thing you learned? Remember what it was like the first time. Maybe a bit clumsy. Definitely not easy. You probably didn’t look like Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympics. Change is a process. Patience and compassion help.
  • You will complete any practices and exercises agreed upon.
  • You will show up on time and prepared for each session.
  • You will have fun and bring joy to the coaching process.
  • You will keep your commitments.