Workshop Design & Facilitation

There are times as a leader when you need to step back and be part of the team. Whether you are bringing together a new team, engaging in strategic planning, making a critical decision, or coming together in a collaborative effort, I will partner with you to define success and create a meaningful experience.

As a facilitator I:

  • Create a safe open space for dialogue to occur
  • Gain trust
  • Engage each participant in an inclusive way to ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak
  • Sense resistance and work through it
  • Keep participants engaged and focused on the objective
  • Ensure that the time invested is meaningful, effective and productive

My approach is:

  • purposeful: together, we clearly define success. We will not just talk about the who, how, what and why, but also the head and heart. We will also be purposeful about how you want to show up as a leader and the role you will play
  • collaborative: we will work together, and with key stakeholders, to define success
  • interactive & participatory: no one wants to sit in a chair and be talked at for hours. I look for ways to have participants get out of their heads and into their bodies, creating ways for participants to interact with the goals of the meeting
  • inclusive: not everyone learns and participates the same way. By thinking through your team dynamics and culture, I will think about ways for each person to be prepared and ready to contribute
  • self-correcting & self-generative: through real time observation, we will come back to the event’s purpose and ensure we are living to the standards set, making changes when necessary
  • flexible: I remain grounded and present on the purpose set, ready to make changes when necessary