“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone
with others. Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi

I’m devoted to inspiring and supporting you to unfold your own myth. When you live in alignment with your soul, you are Visionary, Powerful & Inspiring and can be the Fiercely Feminine Leader that our world needs.

We each have a desire to influence, impact and inspire others— sharing our gifts with the world. To take a big leap and do something big.

Coaching is an invitation to do just that. It’s you saying yes to your deepest desires. As your coach, I collaborate with you to create a compelling vision; transform old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve; embrace more enlivening strategies and practices; and build a powerful, purpose-fulfilled life from which you can inspire and impact others.

When we first meet, I’ll ask you about your dreams. Then, I’ll ask you what you really want and if you are ready to say yes to your life. Through coaching, you’ll find the clarity, inspiration, and the courageous action needed to make it happen.

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Here are some ways we can partner together.

Transition Coaching

Whether starting a new job, becoming an entrepreneur, getting engaged, or experiencing any other significant change; transition coaching supports you in navigating these important changes so you can show up powerfully, consciously and creatively.

Leadership Coaching

Exceptional leaders inspire the best in people and create healthier communities. Leadership coaching supports you in developing greater self-awareness, presence, and leadership skills to effectively lead and inspire others. In addition, through coaching, we can explore your own personal fulfillment as a leader, and the work life balance you desire.

Soul Discovery & Coaching

At the very center of your being is a call to something greater. It’s the call to give your gift to the world. Soul Discovery & Coaching guides you to re-connect to your essence and awaken to your mission and passion. When you live in alignment with this, your most authentic and vital life begins.

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I will guide you to get really clear about who you are, what you want, and we make it happen. I will be a fierce guardian for your dreams so you can define and live your own myth. Click “Let’s Get Started!” to schedule a 30-minute chemistry session where we can talk about your goals and how I can support you.

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Coaching Intensive

You are ready to dive deep and you want to do it now! Bring your dream, challenge or question to a 1-2 day intensive. The day/s will be crafted especially for you to get the results you want. We may spend time in nature to access a new point of view or take a walk to move through old stories. Our time together will be action-packed and fun!

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