This Valentine’s Day

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It starts in Elementary school. Do you remember? I do. My mom taking me to the store to pick out Snoopy valentines, or my favorite, at the time, Strawberry Shortcake! Then on Valentine’s day passing popping these precious cards into brown paper bags. Then at the end of the day peering into my bag to see all the bright papers. This is … Read More

30, Married and 2 kids isn’t my path. Now what?

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I remember my first day as a college student at the U of A. I arrived on campus with a truck load of stuff. After checking into my dorm, unloading everything, and kissing my mother and godfather good bye; I sat on my bed looking around the room with excitement. There was a knock on the door. I looked up … Read More

Who to trust? You.

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I love the irony of life and how our brains work! I promise to get to the irony at the end. At work we used to joke that we were changing the tires of the car while it’s still moving. Personally this phrase really resonates with me right now. Though I am thriving in new ways, I am experiencing a … Read More

From Consumer to Citizen- Challenging Assumptions

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When I decided to not have children, a question came to me-  what will my legacy be? This question was bigger than work, friends, or my neighborhood. I shared these thoughts with a friend and she introduced me to the Pachamama Alliance. Since December, I’ve attended several events that have changed my life, and hopefully that of my community and the … Read More

I pour tea.

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Last Sunday, I visited the Hidden Peak Teahouse in Santa Cruz. I joined an intro session with David Wright who is passionate about tea. In fact, I could learn about passion from David! He has completely immersed himself in his interest, so much so that I can believe tea is his primary interest and profit second. More on this in … Read More

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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This past weekend I was invited to join my friends at the Ridge Winery for the Monte Bello Assemblage event. This is the first time I’ve been to a wine event like this. My friend, an avid wine connoisseur, buys futures in Monte Bello wine. The event was an opportunity for members and guests (lucky me) to meet the winemaking … Read More

I am here.

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I am not a runner and admire people who can get into a flow when running. In October when I visited Arizona, I was in that flow and ran farther than I usually do. After the run I noticed I was limping and after several days of it I visited a podiatrist to learn I had a dropped arch and … Read More